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Frequently asked questions

KIND Travels Value Proposition

  1. Educate: our clients on responsible tourism, ecotourism, geotourism and voluntourism
  2. Inspire: our clients to become more responsible travellers and to take part in Voluntourism.
  3. Engage: with relevant stakeholders like; indigenous people, local communities, visitors, industry, NGOs and governments to identify economic, social and environmental issues which matter to local communities.
  4. Collaborate: with these stakeholders to tackle these issues.
  5. Evaluate: performance and measure own economic, social and environment impact on places we travel to and use lessons learnt to reinforce our business cycle.

Our Value Proposition to NGOs

  1. There are a number of ways that we can support development NGOs and charities, which could  include but not limited to the following;
    • Awareness: build awareness and promote our partner organisations’s projects and events on our website and social media
    • Sponsorship: contribute in the sponsorship of some of the projects hosted by our partner organisations
    • Discounts: offer special discounts to all of our services across all lines of business
    • Networking: offer networking opportunities with other organisations locally and internationally of similar objectives for knowledge sharing and experience exchange.

    To be one of our partner NGOs, please contact us on sustainability@kindtravels.co.uk and we will send you a registration form and will guide through the process.

Our KIND Installment Plans

Are you an expat who travels every year back home with your family? Are you a regular traveller who wants to explore the world? Travel costs could be burdensome when you have to pay it in full in one go. We offer two installment plans for both flights and tours that could help you finance your journey well in advance to suit your circumstances.

Monthly Installment Plan:

  • Equal Installments over the period preceding the travel date. Last installment to be paid a month before the travel date.
  • Payment to be made by a monthly direct debit to KIND Enterprise bank account or by dated cheques for the whole installment duration.

50/ 50 Installment Plan:

  • Two Equal Installment. First installment paid in advance and final installment paid a month before the travel date.
  • Payment to be made by a bank transfer to KIND Enterprise bank account.

Terms & Conditions:

Our Installment plans are subject to successful credit check. Installment Plans may not be applicable on all packages. Administration fees applies.