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Safeguarding Faith

Debtors (Gharemeen) Relief Project

Misr El Kheir Foundation – UK

Misr El Kheir Foundation-UK (MEK-UK) is a UK-based charity, founded by a group of civic-minded philanthropists, with the ambition of engaging and catalyzing sustainable human development efforts in order to empower the lives of those in need.

MEK-UK works with partners to transfer intellectual and financial capital to support initiatives in the areas of:

  • The advancement of education;
  • The relief of illnesses and preservation of health;
  • The prevention or elevation of poverty;
  • The promotion of arts, heritage and culture.

Debtors (Gharemeen) Relief Project

This project aims to relief 5000 local men and women in Egypt from debt and the release of those who were imprisoned in jail because of their inability to pay purchase invoices as a result of their poverty. It also aims toprovide a decent life for them after getting out of prison, by training them and establishing suitable projects for them to work in and to provide them with a permanent monthly income.

Green Space Development Project for Children

Al Fath Space Association for Education and Camping – Morrocco

The Al Fath Space Association for Education and Camping is a registered charity organisation based in Rissani, Morrocco that was founded on 1990. The organisation host a number of projects focusing on children and youth. Their aims are as follows;

  • Contribute to the upbringing of the child properly and integrally
  • Development of child talents and push for innovation and stimulate the acquired and innate skills
  • Promotion and development of child education in rural areas especially the female
  • Dissemination of the culture of child’s rights and duties, with work on his/her integration into community
  • Social welfare, moral and material for orphaned children and those with special needs who are in difficult situations
  • Cooperation and coordination with all educational actors, individuals and organizations, at home and abroad


C-THRU Project 

Right Start Foundation International

Right Start Foundation International (RSFI) is a UK registered charity which aims to develop well rounded individuals by delivering activities on issues of education, coexistence and social inclusion in the UK and abroad. RSFI aims to strengthen relationships between people of different religions and cultures to promote mutual respect and understanding.

As a charity, we focus our efforts on developing and disseminating projects which are shaped by the needs of people and their communities, both in the UK and abroad. We have a record of successfully delivered projects.


To develop successful, well rounded, confident and positive individuals who actively promote goodness within their communities.

  • Leading and supporting practical initiatives which promote religious and racial harmony
  • Partnering with like-minded and goal aligned organisations to deliver essential projects
  • Bridging cultural misconceptions within the community to promote social inclusion, tolerance and coexistence
  • Utilising modern technologies to engage the youth and Millennials
  • Educating on the concept of “goodness“ within the community by developing skills and providing needed advice and assistance through offered programmed.
C-THRU Project Overview

A Social media initiative delivered by Right Start Foundation International – inspired by the true spirit of Islam to help build a generation of proud, modern and confident young British Muslims who serve their communities.

The project aims to help understand Islam better. It focuses on positively engaging the Muslim youth in the UK by providing a trusted, moderate and interactive online multimedia platform with reliable- sourced content in an attractive and entertaining format.

Regular content is posted onto our social media platforms; which include videos, motivational quotes, highlights on inspirational figures, together with Quran and Hadith references, and many stories from the Islamic rich history.Scholars from the different walks of life also answer questions and provide guidance on how to deal with common issues each in their areas of expertise.

Website: www.c-thru.org.uk


Muslim Scout Fellowship

Muslim Scouting in the UK emerged in the late nineties. It developed from a few Muslim Scout Leaders who believed in the values of Scouting and who wanted the Muslim community to share in its benefits and fun. In the last few years the idea of scouting has gained a lot of supporters in the Muslim community. The Muslim Scout Fellowship (MSF) is the United Kingdom’s official body for all Muslim adults who are active in Scouting and is part of The Scout Association in the UK. It’s main aim is to bring scouting to the Muslim communities of the UK so that together our young people can develop into productive and beneficial members of their societies.

With over 70 groups opened since 2005 in every corner of the UK, Muslim Scouting has now had a positive impact on the lives of over a thousand young people and adults. The Scouting philosophy is all about providing a fun and adventurous atmosphere in which young people can learn, develop and challenge themselves, providing experiences unavailble in any other movement or institution. Experiences as diverse as kayaking to coding, first aid to photography, and mechanics to mountain biking are all a regular part of the scouting programme. And the fun isn’t only for the kids – the opportunities available for adult leaders are just as exciting and rewarding.


Utrujj knowledge & creativity


Utrujj is an education foundation that has served the Muslim community in the UK for over 15 years. Since 2001, Utrujj has delivered hundreds of courses, seminars, weekend retreats and online lectures.

Utrujj is based on the prophetic saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him),

‘The example of the believer who reads the Qur’an and applies it is like the “Utrujjah” (a type of fruit). It has a nice smell and a sweet taste.’ (Bukhari)

We believe that we should ‘Learn, Love and Live Islam’ because one cannot understand without learning, one cannot love without understanding and one cannot truly live Islam without loving it.

Utrujj has had many teachers and experts in the past, each specialised in their field of knowledge. Shaykh Haytham Tamim is the main teacher and founder.

It is through developing a deep understanding of Islam and improved character that Utrujj has strived for the betterment of individuals, families and communities.

Knowledge and Creativity

What has distinguished Utrujj is its creativity. Its success has been driven by the relevance and flexibility of its courses, appealing to a wide range of students, as well as pioneering new techniques and formats for improved learning and self-development

Today, Utrujj continues to deliver courses, bespoke retreats and family events to increase people’s knowledge of Islam, improve their character and contribute more to their family and social environment.


Families Relief

Families Relief believes that Disasters don’t just affect individuals but they affect families and communities.

We empower, enable and strengthen the family unit, as an important entity of the social structure, and engage positively in community development in the UK and elsewhere. Our primary objective is to support the family unit as well as individual, by helping them to build a sustainable future

Our work has taken us across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East serving thousands of families with project from emergency aid to medical centres, from individual tailored schemes like school uniforms, equipment, meals and education development.

Our income generation projects ensure that individuals and families have access to the right skills which will amount to them having a sustainable economic and social development. Allowing them to develop and improve their ability to generate an income so that they are no longer dependent on aid agencies for their food and shelter.


To save lives through the empowerment of families and communities.


Families Relief, a charity which pursues to keep families together!

Aiming 100%

Since Families Relief was established in 1994, the trustees have remained committed to keeping a 100% donation policy. Although this is extremely hard to maintain the dedication of volunteers allow us to maintain this policy.



Human Appeal

Over 25 years of saving lives!

We are an international relief and development agency that asks the question, what makes us human? We think the answer is caring for others and changing their lives for the better. That’s what we’ve been doing for over 25 years.

We started in a small flat in Manchester, UK, and this year we have worked in 24 countries, providing humanitarian aid that saves and transforms lives. That’s what makes us Human Appeal.

Our generous donors, supporters and partners have helped us work towards our mission for the past 25+ years. They give us Human Appeal.

Our vision

To become the global agent of change for a just, caring, and sustainable world.

Our mission

We are a global humanitarian and development organisation. We save lives, alleviate poverty, transform and empower local communities whilst championing humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence.

Our values

We are a faith-based organisation inspired by Islamic values.

Why are our values important?

As a faith-based organisation, our values give us a unique identity as Human Appeal. They define how we serve our beneficiaries, and provide us with a framework for how we treat our stakeholders and our colleagues. They are vital in helping us to achieve our vision and increase the effectiveness of our organisation.

At Human Appeal, we stand as ambassadors for the cause of justice. We work to eradicate poverty across the globe and ensure that others are treated with compassion and respect.


At Human Appeal, we consistently strive for excellence. Since 1991, our organisation has flourished due to the hard work, passion and professionalism of our staff. We aim to excel in all that we do in order to provide the most effective aid to those who are suffering worldwide.

Accountability and transparency

We believe in being open and honest about our work, exploring the challenges we face and sharing our successes. Good communication, regular feedback and the ability to admit failure are essential features of a transparent organisation. Our stakeholders need to be confident that they are informed about how we use our resources and accomplish our goals.


Compassion is the humane response to the pain of others, coupled with a strong desire to help ease or eradicate this suffering. Compassion lies at the heart of everything Human Appeal does. We appreciate the perspectives of others when they are different from our own. We give freely with no hidden motives, and we provide comfort to those in distress no matter who they are.


Living and working justly means treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself. We believe in distributing aid equally, regardless of faith, race or gender. We strive to demonstrate fairness to our stakeholders through the decisions we make, whilst achieving outstanding results in our work.


Human Appeal seeks to empower everyone who has contact with our organisation, from the stakeholders and beneficiaries to our employees in all countries. We strive to create an environment where our employees can grow, develop and take initiative in their work. By creating a ‘learning culture’ around the aid we distribute, we can empower our beneficiaries to become self-sufficient and meet sustainable development goals.

Trust and respect

At Human Appeal, we promote trust and respect among our stakeholders, partners, employees and beneficiaries. We seek to honour each individual impacted by the work of our organisation and the environment in which we all live.

Muslim Disability Awareness

Muslim Disability Awareness was found by the courageous and loving idea of the late Revert Sara also lovingley known as Jasmin (H.F) born on the 23rd of June 1986 and sadly suddenly passed away on the 12 of January 2018. Sara also lovingley known as Jasmin (H.F)who was afflicted with complex health conditions and a tough upbringing was married and came in to Islam with her commited loving husband who has Autism Spectrum Condition including complex needs. Sara also lovingley known as Jasmin (H.F) strived to stop the abandonment of children and adults with disabilities globally regardless of faith, creed, race.

Sara also lovingley known as Jasmin (H.F) who herself experienced abandonment from her family until her funeral in which no family attended except her father in Law and her husband Al Hamduillah. Sara also lovingley known as Jasmin (H.F) was well loved by both Muslims and non Muslims, and always strived for peace and happiness among all despite her own health conditions and caring for her husband. This page is a Sadaqah Jariyah for Sara also lovingley known as Jasmin (H.F), her husband and his future wife In Shaa Allah and her brothers/ sisters in faith apart of the team. Therefore the team will continue to offer Muslim Disability Awareness a premium source of information on Disability as a whole and to promote inclusion and acceptance of those who are different. Muslim Disabilities Awareness invites an opportunity for Muslim and non-Muslim participants to express themselves in a positive, safe and rewarding environment. We humbly ask for your dua’s (Prayers) for Sara also lovingley known as Jasmin (H.F) to receive Jannah Al Fidous, to be joined with her husband and all of the believers.



Aims and Objectives

MEND is a not-for-profit company that helps to empower and encourage British Muslims within local communities to be more actively involved in British media and politics.

British Muslims have remained on the margins of public and political debate about their religion and place in modern Britain for too long and the level of Muslim participation in media and politics remains woefully low. mend seeks to enable British Muslims to engage more effectively with political and media institutions and play a greater role in British politics and society by instilling confidence, competence and awareness. Enhancing mainstream participation by communities that are under-represented and vulnerable is an important step towards deepening and strengthening our democracy.

  • MEND will encourage voter registration and political engagement by British Muslims so that through civic involvement Muslims can responsibly exercise their duty in working for the common good.
  • MEND aims to equip Muslims with the skills, resources and materials necessary for them to play a more active role in society. mend believes that all citizens have a responsibility to contribute to the positive and sustained development of a Britain in which all members of society are valued and respected whatever their religious, racial or ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation.
  • MEND endeavours to enable active citizenship and participation by British Muslims in furtherance of its aims to create a more inclusive and tolerant Britain.
  • MEND aims to provide commentary and analysis on the high volumes of news content and coverage that maligns Islam and Muslims and foments Islamophobia in the UK and across Europe.
  • MEND aims to work with Muslim and non Muslim organisations to ensure that anti-Muslim prejudice is regarded just as socially unacceptable as anti-Semitism and other forms of racism and xenophobia.
  • MEND will provide free training seminars to British Muslims in the UK offering support and advice on why mainstream participation is important and how to go about getting involved.
  • MEND works to deepen democratic and civic engagement at the local level by encouraging greater participation by British Muslims in voluntary bodies and institutions.

British Muslim Heritage Centre

Vision, Mission and Aims

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) is a non-political organisation.

External organisations that may hire space within the Centre for their own events and activities may have certain political views and opinions. However, these views and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the BMHC.

Our aspiration is of a Centre “celebrating Islam’s rich and diverse heritage, inspiring all communities to embrace diversity and be instrumental in the shaping of a cohesive society”.

We remain committed to the following principles:

  1. The BMHC will be a centre for all communities – Muslim and non-Muslim.
  2. We will strive to provide a welcoming environment for all and work in partnership for the common good.
  3. In focusing on Muslim heritage we mean: Muslim history, people and contribution to human civilisation. A centre of excellence, celebrating the rich and diverse Muslim heritage, inspiring all communities to embrace diversity and be instrumental in shaping a cohesive society.

BMHC Aims:

  1. Creating a welcoming environment
    Located in the heart of the dynamic city of Manchester and situated in eight acres of greenery, the serene environment will prove to be an attractive retreat for all members of the community.
  2. Developing a learning environment
    The greatest threat to the cohesion of any community is ignorance. That is why we have made the sharing and dissemination of knowledge a primary objective of the BMHC.
  3. Outreach
    We aim to make a positive contribution both nationally and globally by developing appropriate outreach programmes that convey the BMHC vision to those interested.
  4. Working in partnership
    To ensure Muslim heritage, stretching for more than 1,500 years and covering nearly a quarter of the world’s population, is available and accessible to all. BMHC aims to complement and work with other institutions and individuals around the world who share this aspiration.
  5. Building Expert Knowledge
    We envisage the BMHC will become the hub of great scholarship and research into Muslim Heritage and its applications. The resources we intend to produce will be unrivaled across the world.

The Dawah Project

The Dawah Project is an Islamic education charity registered in the UK. We provide exceptional Islamic knowledge primarily through the media utilising TV (Islam Channel Sky 806), Radio (Radio Campaigns in Africa), Visual Interaction (International Dawah Centre) and Digital Media (Ilma Magazine).


Ignorance and fear should not stop a person from understanding Islam in its purest form that is supported by high quality research and studies carried out by our distinguished scholars. Therefore, we endeavour to educate Muslims and Non-Muslims alike about Islam, so that they may have a better understanding of the religion and the Muslim way of life.


Our vision is for The Dawah Project to develop into an institute that will become a global centre in the heart of Britain for Islamic education, media and research. Be part of this vision by donating on a monthly basis and volunteer to give back to the community.


The Dawah Project’s values are shaped by Islam, which was beautifully exemplified by the greatest human being; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He taught us that for ‘Dawah’ (making an invitation) to advance we must characterise gentleness and wisdom. The most important aspect of Dawah is for people to understand Islam through respectful dialogue and it is only through dialogue that we can achieve religious harmony in our world.

Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre

Our Vision

Jamme Masjid Reading share your vision that an Islamic Centre needs to be a ‘Community Hub’. A place that is vibrant and inviting, inspiring and transformational. In addition to the dedicated space for the Masjid, there are a host of community facilities that can be offered such as modern educational facilities for children & adults, office & hot desking for community groups, multi-function meeting and conference facilities, public library, children’s crèche, kitchen facilities. The main goal of the Trust is to ensure that the 850 brothers and sisters are accommodated in one Jumah prayer. To achieve these objectives a focused AMIC Management Team are overseeing all aspects of deliverables for this AMIC project. Also a strong dedicated volunteer group, consisting of both Sisters and Brothers are at the forefront of all ‘fund raising’ events.

Please capitalise on this akhirah opportunity and participate in this noble cause and appeal by donating wholeheartedly today. Kindly complete the standing order form and commit either £25, £50, £75, £100 or whatever you can comfortably afford. Alternatively please donate a lump sum of £500, £1000, £1500, £2000 or whatever you can comfortably afford, by making cheques payable to the designated development fund ‘Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre’.

I Want to See (3awez Ashoof) Project

“I want to see” is a project that aims to preventing blindness as well as treating and rehabilitating blind people. This project started 2006 in Egypt and KIND Enterprise is currently working with the International Centre for Community Development at London Metropolitan University on expanding it in other disadvantaged communities and providing other rehabilitation services for visually impaired patients. The project main objectives are to benefit patients, the public and doctors.

Project Objectives

  • Undertake free cataract surgeries and other eye surgeries for people who cannot afford to pay.
  • Increase public awareness of common eye conditions and how to prevent common eye problems.
  • Educate visually impaired and blind people on tools and gadgets that could help them overcome some of the difficulties they could encounter from day to day.
  • Educate young doctors about surgical and medical ophthalmological skills.


Sedna El Khedr & Moussa Solar Energy Project

Misr El Kheir Foundation – UK

Misr El Kheir Foundation-UK (MEK-UK) is a UK-based charity, founded by a group of civic-minded philanthropists, with the ambition of engaging and catalyzing sustainable human development efforts in order to empower the lives of those in need. MEK-UK works with partners to transfer intellectual and financial capital to support initiatives in the areas of:

The advancement of education

  • The relief of illnesses and preservation of health;
  • The prevention or elevation of poverty;
  • The promotion of arts, heritage and culture.

Sedna El Khedr and Moussa Development Project

This project aims to fulfill the basic life necessities for two of the most underprivileged rural villages in Egypt. Based on interviews with the residents of the villages, absence of electricity has appeared to be the central problem that originates other basic problems such as absence of healthcare, water supply, education, etc. The project aims to create a cost-effective standalone hybrid power system to supply electricity to the critical buildings of the villages relying on renewable energy resources rather than the costly connection to the national grid.

Syria Emergency Relief | Education Project

Human Appeal

Human Appeal is a UK registered charity working tirelessly around the world. With a presence in 25 countries spanning Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, they help in times of crisis and they deliver sustainable development programmes in the poorest nations. Human Appeals emergency work helps to support the basic needs of those most vulnerable in countries experiencing emergencies as a result of conflict, natural and man-made disasters. 4 years on and the humanitarian crisis in Syria is escalating. Millions of people are trapped in rapidly deteriorating circumstances lacking even the basic needed to survive, including food, water, shelter, hygiene facilities and health care. Plus 2 million children are no longer in school.

Syria Emergency Relief | Education Project

Over 10 million syrians are displaced since the crisis began in Syria; with over 1.5 million refugees in Turkey alone. Many of those most affected and vulnerable are children. Conflict in Syria has caused widespread damage to civilian infrastructure, in particular to school facilities. Reports indicate that across Syria more than 1,500 school are occupied by armed forces or used as collective shelters and over 3,000 have been damaged by the conflict

2 million children are no longer in school

A huge percentage of children are out of school and desperately need therapeutic support to process the effects of violence they have suffered or witnessed.


To provide children with access to education and resources, improve their well-being and future life opportunities. Specific activities include: refurbish a 7 classroom school building; identify students, recruit, train and manage teachers; provide a school kit (key items) for each child, psycho- social support and recreational activities for children (painting, singing, weaving, sports). We plan to provide access to education for as many youngsters as we can, improving their well-being and future opportunities.

Total project value £100,000 approx

Beneficiaries (est. numbers and type) Approx 400 children aged 9 to 18 years and teachers/ school staff For project donation breakdown click here


The Quran Project

The Quran Project is a charity organisation based in the United Kingdom that was founded on 2010 and it aims to get a copy of The Holy Quran in every household in the UK.

In these testing times – where all that is heard about Islam is negativity – the main aim of the project is to spread the truth about Islam. We believe that truth cannot come from an individual or group but rather the source of the religion; Allah’s word in the Holy Quran.

The project has put together a high quality and appealing hardback copy using the universally recognised modern Sahih International translation, complete with appendices tackling key topics such as Women in Islam, the Scientific Miracles of the Quran, and a section on the seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Through dawah efforts, the Quran Project prints and distributes copies of the Quran free of charge to new and non Muslims.  In order to get maximum exposure the project periodically runs campaigns including:

  • Local and national newspaper ads
  • Bus ads
  • Billboards at major rail stations
  • Dawah stalls
  • Visits to the local community – schools, colleges, masjids

Now, for where you come in!  We implore all to make use of this invaluable opportunity to get involved in dawah – a duty incumbent on all Muslims – and it really couldn’t be easier.

Approximately 5000 copies have been distributed by the Reading branch alone (supported by dawah) and this has led to some reversions by the grace of Allah.   For a feeling of what the Quran Project has meant to some people, watch this short video:



Wayfarers (Ibn Al Sabeel) Project

Misr El Kheir Foundation – UK

Misr El Kheir Foundation-UK (MEK-UK) is a UK-based charity, founded by a group of civic-minded philanthropists, with the ambition of engaging and catalyzing sustainable human development efforts in order to empower the lives of those in need.

MEK-UK works with partners to transfer intellectual and financial capital to support initiatives in the areas of:

  • The advancement of education;
  • The relief of illnesses and preservation of health;
  • The prevention or elevation of poverty;
  • The promotion of arts, heritage and culture.

Wayfarers (Ibn Al Sabeel) Project

This project aims to support individuals who have travelled far from their home of origin for the sake of pursing education or to escape difficult living conditions. In doing so, the project pays the university residence expenses for 3000 university students expatriates. It also pays the subsistence expenses for 500 students living outside universities’ campuses. It also work on the establishment of three buildings for students accommodation in Tajamo El thaleth area to accommodate 502 students as well as supporting and equipping university campuses and meet the basic needs of students through supporting 4 dormitories;”University of Damietta- the total number of students is 270; Sohag University -total number of students is 240;  Helwan University with a total of 144 student; Ain Shams University with a total of 208 students.